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Founded in May 2020, Software Gurus is a one-stop shop for all of your development needs. Primarily, we build entire software application packages for web and mobile (iOS) platforms. Included in our wheelhouse of expertise is an industry certification for IOS Development with Objective C & Swift; Unity 3D; and the Microsoft .NET Core with Angular 8, typescript & C#). In our services, we can even help flesh out design concepts. Whether an app is for business our just for enjoyment, Software Gurus has the talent to get the job done!
With a muscle car racing application package developed and owned by Software Gurus (Racing Old School Muscle Style), our expertise and creativity is limitless!

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Now you can try Racing OSM Style 3 free of charge for a limited time only! Racing OSM Style 3 is now offering promotional codes. Promotional codes are intended for use only in countries where the app is being distributed by Apple Inc. Promotional codes expire at 11:59 PM PT 28 days after they are redeemed. If you would like to receive a promo code for Racing OSM Style 3, request one by sending an email to info@software1gurus.com. Promo codes are limited. So Hurry if you would like to take advantage of this offer!

Racing Old School Muscle Style requires ios version 14 or higher


Level of Effort

Our level of effort is demonstrated by the fact that we don't take short-cuts. Going above and beyond the rest is something that has required a lot of dedication and hard work!


Lessons Learned

  • Core Functionality
  • Great Programs
  • Reliability
  • Perfection
  • No Limatations
  • Top Technologies
  • Finding Critical Faults
  • Expectations
  • Time for Upgrades
  • Proof of Concepts

App Preview

Racing Old School Muscle Style Video

Probably one of the fastest moving muscle car games with high-definition cars built for the IOS platform.

Features you’ll love

  • Very good engine models
  • Very good Engine sounds
  • Superb steering systems
  • Very good Transmission Controllers
  • Automatic Vehicle Anti-Roll Control
  • Realistic Spring Suspension
  • Combined Analog & Digital Gauges(Certain Vehicles Only!)



Screenshots are as follows:

  1. Shelby GT 500Es Getting Ready to race
  2. Dodge Charger and Chevy Camaro Getting Ready to Race
  3. Complete Shelby GT 500 Supersnake Engine
  4. Dodge Charger Engine

Powerful Stack

Formatted for iOS mobile devices.

Web support

Supported by email

Custom 3D Artwork

3D vehicle art produced totally by hand.


Fully functional Car Game

Conveniently redefine your automobiles for your races.

Great design

Holisticly creative.

Easy to customize

Customize your vehicles easily within profiles.

Costs for Our Services and Products

Our software development services are totally separate from any product that we distribute!

Software Development Services

for Business or Government

  • Contact Software Gurus directly (470.314.3394) for hourly rates!


Got questions? We’ve got answers.

I can't find nitrous I paid for after removing/reinstalling app?

Nitrous is a consumable product and therefore cannot be restored!

What payment types do you accept?

As it pertains to business and government, we accept ACH our cashiers checks. We do not accept credit card payments. All payments in terms of distribution of our app are processed by Apple Inc.

Privacy Policy

It is the policy of Software Gurus, LLC not to collect any personal information from the user or user's device. All database tables installed within any of our gaming applications are solely for the purpose of managing the attributes and other game application setup data. Furthermore, we do not access cameras on the user's device.

All of our apps only uses 3D cameras within the game itself. Information concerning payments are not accessed.

Payment transactions are processed and manage 100 percent through Apple. We do not access or collect any information regarding payment activities.

Contact Us

email: software1gurus@gmail.com

phone: (470) 314-3394

Racing Old School Muscle Style!